Use a combo of localised cryo and BB massages of your choice


Whole-body chamber -110° and -140° freezing the skin for an instant recharge

Pain Management (Arthritis, some fibromyalgias & much more)
Sports Performance, Fitness & injury
Boost weight loss
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Lymphatic drainage/sports massage/wellness massage/volume reduction.... this amazing treatment we have is used in only the TOP clinics in the country and used widely across America including many A-li... Show more

PENGUIN - Cryo Facials

Select from the list for our range of Facials

The PENGUIN - can help maintain a youthful appearance by reducing the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, while also tightening the skin ...
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Boost LED Light

from the leading Uk based company 'The light salon' This amazing face mask will give your skin a tight and smooth feeling along with the benefits of reducing fine lines & scares, rejuvenating collagen... Show more

PENGUIN - Cryo Sport

Pain Management - reduces pain and speeds up the injury recovery process. During a treatment, the body slows down nerve signal transmissions and releases a neurotransmitter that reduces pain sensitivi... Show more



Based on the scientifically proven protocol developed by Dr. Niels Vollaard at the University of Bath, CAR.O.L gives you the ability to exercise for the shortest possible time with the...
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RED Charge

Near-infrared (NIR) and red light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes so far, including hair-loss reversal, anti-aging, acne, wound healing, pain relief, fat loss, and more!

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PENGUIN - Cryo Slim

Cryo Slim - A non-invasive procedure that safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.

For fast results, we recommend 20 session...
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